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Nataliya Hines is an American painter and printmaker currently working in New York City. Her work employs an allegorical narrative structure to discern the complexities of human power dynamics, with a focus on the feminine experience. Drawing inspiration from the lives and works of Mary Cassatt and Artemisia Gentileschi, as well as texts by Laura Mulvey and bell hooks, Hines’ dramatic compositions engage their viewers in a manner that is both contemplative and visceral.

In the spirit of Synthetic Cubism and Duchamp’s implementation of the readymade, Hines’ new work is a careful balance of structured collages, delicate watercolors, and meticulous acrylics. She begins this process with a critical analysis of selected canonical works before continuing on to deconstruct the work’s original intentions - keeping in mind the life and work of the original artist, the subject, and its contemporary audience. Hines extracts elements of the work and combines them with her own in order to construct a new composition. The final work reveals itself as the artist’s commentary that stands on its own in the context of our current social climate. 

After completing her interdisciplinary studies in traditional print processes at the School of Art + Design at Purchase College and art history at the Institut d’Études Supérieure des Arts in Paris, Hines has been working full-time in her practice as an artist in New York. Her work has been displayed in Manhattan and Brooklyn, most notably with Space776, and has been covered by Blouin ArtInfo.

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