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Nataliya Hines is a painter, printmaker, and mixed-media artist based in the New York Metro area. After concluding her interdisciplinary studies in printmaking and art history at at SUNY Purchase and Institut d’Études Supérieure des Arts, Hines started her artist practice in the Bronx’s Bedford Park neighborhood in 2017. 


While at Purchase, Hines began her active exploration of the way presentation can affect the way we interpret history as a means to construct an allegory. As she later transitioned her primary medium from printmaking to painting, she cultivated this narrative process with a focus on the subject of symbolic femininity. As a painter, she pulls more deliberately from her background in art history by adopting a visual language that is technically and motifically characteristic of academic portraiture and religious iconography. She has since expanded further on the subject to invoke the enchantment and terror that runs through the folkloric traditions of eastern Europe, Scandinavia, and the British Isles.


Hines is currently based in Connecticut where she continues her work as a painter and mixed-media artist in her home studio. Outside of her primary practice, Hines divides her time between traditional and digital media as a freelance artist.

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